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Being a full-service commercial and renewable energy contractor, AUI strives to pursue quality in everything we do. Our mission is founded upon four elements that we seek : Relationships, Work, Results, and Way of Life. We firmly believe that each of these elements is a key factor in the execution of our vision: Being a leading construction organization.  

  • Renewable

    Our ability to plan and fast-track our schedules, without compromising quality and safety, makes us a valuable choice for your project team.

  • Commercial

    AUI has built an extensive resume of large and small commercial projects, and has built a reputation for safety, quality, and the ability to perform extremely difficult and complex projects.

  • DG Solutions

    AUI and FTC Solar have established a tracker division within AUI which is focused fully on providing the Voyager tracker to the sub 20 MW market (DG) and will ensure that our clients’ needs will be met in a timely fashion. 

Begin your journey in renewable energy with AUI